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Continuing the Kalish Connection

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Ok I'll admit it: I'm a bit of a workshop junkie. There's just nothing like being around a bunch of passionate people to recharge, make new friends, and inspire you to get back to work with new ideas and new energy.

While I've never met a workshop I didn't like, The Kalish Viual Editing Workshop is hands down the best workshop I've ever attended.

And since the theme of The Kalish is #takingitback, I want to share with you all a little bit of the wisdom I brought back with me from lovely Muncie, Indiana:

 "It’s wonderful to try changing the world with photos but it's also beautiful to share an experience, even with just one person." - Ed Kashi

 "People don't care about stat(istic)s. And that's our job. Our job is to humanize data.” - Brian Storm

"Don't let the small stuff in the way of the big stuff.” - Ken Lyons

 "We have to stop being so absolute. The real truth is a compilation of all of our truths." - Kenny Irby

"Everything we do is a weapon, it can make or break people’s lives. We need to be respectful and aware of that." - Brian Storm

"It's more about building our audience for tomorrow, rather than profiting off of them today.” - Danny Gawlowski

“I’m the coal miner, I’m not the diamond polisher.” - Ed Kashi

“Trust is our main currency as journalists.” - Randy Greenwell

"Intention is where purpose comes from. It's where results come from.” - Brian Storm

"Never fall in love with a picture. You can champion it, but never get to the place where you can't let go." - Mark Edelson

“When you find something you care about. When you photograph from your heart, no one can take that away from you.” - Ed Kashi

"You have to have the courage to believe in yourself and your vision. Then you can have the courage to believe in others” - Bob Lynn

"It is so important to slow down, take time, and listen." - Sue Morrow

“I want people to care. And I want people to think. And I want to move people to act.” - Ed Kashi

"If you stop learning, you're kind of dead.” - Brian Storm

“Always make time for practice and experimentation.” - Kenny Irby

“We can’t just show the problems anymore. We have to also point to a solution. Otherwise you offer no hope to people.” - Ed Kashi

"If you can make someone laugh and cry in the same piece, then you’re getting there." - Brian Storm

"We have the responsibility to lead this industry .. And you can lead where you are.” - Sue Morrow

"Always be humble. We are not important, our subjects are." - Ed Kashi

"The idea of objectivity is a falsity." - Kenny Irby

"There's what you CAN do, and then there's what you SHOULD do.” - Danny Gawlowski

"It's really important as journalists & human beings to understand that everything is not so black and white." - Ed Kashi

"Life is too short to work with assholes.” - Brian Storm

"If you do a documentary and there's no one around to hear it, did you really do a documentary?” - Danny Gawlowski

"There's no progress without struggle.” - Kenny Irby

"Only make video that you think would be worth sharing.” - Danny Gawlowski

"The way to start is to bet on yourself and just start doing it.” - Brian Storm

A huge thanks to Director Kevin Martin and the wonderful Kalish faculty & staff for cultivating an inclusive atmosphere of openness and honesty. That kind of vibe is rare, in my experience, but it's crucial because that's what allows people to connect on a deep level and forge lasting supporting relationships. And in work (as in life), we all need people to lean on and to turn to for advice and support. And on that note, I leave you with this lovely little number from Kevin Martin & Danny Gawlowski, produced by none other than THE Luanne Dietz: