Andrea Wise

Join the Resistance

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Like many of you, I've been in a state of shock since the November 2016 United States Presidential election of Donald Trump. But what has shocked me even more has been the overwhelming outpouring of love and support in the form of marches, protests, and grassroots movements across the country. The resistance is strong.

So today I'm launching RESIST -- an online store of sexy swag featuring my own original design, "The Merkin." When you make a purchase from the RESIST store, all proceeds (gross income - materials & shipping) will be donating to one of three incredible organizations that have been fighting for long before this election, but have doubled down since, working to protect human rights (the American Civil Liberties Union), women's health (Planned Parenthood), and the environment (the National Resources Defense Council)

This election has shown us that we cannot rely on our government to look out for the best interest of the people and the planet, so we need organizations like these -- more than ever.

So start shopping and RESIST.