Andrea Wise

photo by Andrea Wise

photo by Andrea Wise




I believe in slowing down, listening to your breath & the breeze, and treating others (and yourself) as you'd like to be treated.

I believe that a hot bath with a cup of tea, a mid-day nap, or a walk with your dog can lead to better ideas than powering through, burning the midnight oil, and running on fumes.

I believe that when you make time for a home cooked meal with someone you love, you nurture your complete self -- that the more you love yourself, the more room you have in your heart to love others.

I believe that happy people living balanced lives make better work & are way more fun to work with.

I'm motivated by projects, not timesheets. Which is why I don't believe in charging by the hour or by the day. When you work with me, you get a promise that I'm with you until the project is done, right. I don't take clients, I take collaborators. Because our time is precious and I don't believe in waste.

Let's make something special, together.